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So as you may already know, we have a blog to update you on all things new at Groupseven. What you may not know is that there are a few other ways to keep up to date with what’s going on around the shop…






So go check it out and start clicking those follow buttons people.


It’s that time of year again people. This is our first official boxing day sale at the new location and it’s going to be a busy one. If you know how fast things sell out regularly, then multiply that by 100 or so…Get here early. More info here.




Just a big heads up to everybody, in case you didn’t already know…Z-Trip is making a return to Calgary this Wednesday at Commonwealth. If you’ve ever been to any of his shows, you’ll know this is not one to miss. Also it’s at Calgary’s newest venue. These two things combined are going to make up for one crazy evening guaranteed. Where can I buy tickets you ask? Well down here at Group of course! If that doesn’t work for you, they can also be purchased online at Zoobis HERE. Don’t miss out on this one people. See you there.


So if you’re familiar with the shop, then you would know we love rap. We also love to support the independent. Whether it be brands, musicians, or artists, it’s this stepping out of the box (with a quality outcome) and doing their own thing vibe that’s few and far between these days. Alexander Spit is one of those people. To put it plainly, dude’s killing it. Who’s Alexander Spit you ask? Well if you’re familiar with The Hundreds, you may have seen him at their L.A. flagship store, or promoted heavily on their blog. He’s the one we’ve always got playing in the shop, when you all ask “Who is this? This is fucking sick!”…and for good reason. With his third release, “These long Strange Nights” just released on Oct. 27, it’s safe to say this Bay Area/RSWD local is planting his feet firmly with no intention of going away anytime soon. Our good buddy, Koki over at Hollars-Dollars just dropped an interview with the man himself, discussing his life, influences, and inspirations. You can check that interview out HERE. Spit’s “These Long Strange Nights” can be downloaded for free HERE. and for any of his older releases, if you’re still un-familiar can be found HERE or HERE or  watch some of his videos HERE. So I think we’ve got you pretty covered on what you should be listening to for a while…Get familiar Calgary!


I dont think I really need to say much more than if you aren’t here tonight, then you’re seriously blowing it at life. If you came to the last one, you know it’s gonna be a banger. If you decided not to come to the last one, I have no idea what the fuck you were thinking. See you all tonight. CHONG LI! CHONG LI! CHONG LI!


Hey all, so what’s going on tonight?…I’ll tell you what’s going on tonight. It’s the Spring Clean-Up tour with Dj Dopey, Rochester, and Tass Nata, that’s what. So head down to Vicious Circle and peep game and spend those hard earned moneys. It’s gonna be a time and a half!


Join us this Saturday along with our good friends from the Hifi Club and Giant 45 for the Hifi Spring Sale.  If you don’t remember, we did this last year and the turn out was insane.  This year, both us and Giant 45 will have even crazier deals so make sure to keep your calender open this Saturday.  Up to 80% off all gear and its for one day only!!!!  Click here for the event page.  See you all there.