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In case any of you forgot or haven’t yet seen the many memo’s going around over the last week and a half, today is the huge sale going down from 12pm-6pm at the Hifi Club along with Live Stock and Giant 45.  Tons of cheap gear will be down there from the 3 premier shops in Calgary so make the most of your Saturday and head down.  All ages are welcome and it is cash only.  If you have never been to The Hifi, the address is 219 10th Ave SW.  Come early to avoid lines.  See you all at the club!!  For those of you wanting the NEW spring gear, Groupseven will still be open today from 11am-6pm.


Coming this Thursday March 4th is the release of Brandt Peters Carnies blind box mini series from Kid Robot.  For any of you out there looking for a new blind box series to get addicted to, this is the one.  Limited to only 8 boxes in the store.  On another note, just a quick reminder about the huge sale we are having this Saturday at the Hifi Club with Live Stock and Giant 45.  Up to 80% off.  Make sure you all make yourselves free that day.


Just a reminder that today is the last day of the Livesale down at Live Stock so if you haven’t made it down yet or you want to scoop up the last of what’s left get your ass out of bed and get down here.



So as Ping (A.J.) mentioned a little while back, we made our way out to Van to kick it with the Livestock family (many thanks for the hospitality homies) for a few days. Most of it was a blur, but all in all well worth the liver damage…


…Got off the plane, and off to meet some homies for a couple(hundred) drinks…









…after spending a pile of money at the bar, we figured we should get Ping to play the homeless card to earn some extra ends…


…after about 20 minutes…


…it was obvious that Ping wasn’t to good at this gig…


…run it…


…$2 and a peep show token will get you 50 one armed push ups…



…then to the blackout.

DAY 2 – I’ll tell you, there’s nothing quite like getting daytime drunk and walking around on a great day. Felt mad hung over, so I shotgunned a beer and skitched some busses down to gas town to meet Ping and Miller at the party…





…after a quick clean up, we rolled out to “Fortune”…this is around the time my camera died…



DAY 3 – the next day Chis from Livestock took us around to check out some shops…



…off to west 4th…



…while we were driving around, we saw this gem of a t-shirt…


…if you cant tell, the shirt says “discipline your bitch”. Classy as fuck…

Anyways, Chris had to roll out to some meetings, so we spent our last few hours in town the only way three intelligent individuals possibly can…STRIPPERS!!!


…well that’s it. thanks for checking it out and a big thanks again to the crew at Livestock for the hospitality.



Hey all, don’t forget about the Live Stock Block Party this weekend if any of you happen to be in the Vancouver area. Rumor has it that this is going to be the last Live Stock Block Party in Van so it should be pretty insane.  Myself, Coulson and Josh(Live Stock Calgary) will be out there blacking out so stay tuned for photos if you can’t make it out there.



Last years block party


show copy

1. A person who gives to a charity or cause: benefactor, benefactress, donator, donor, giver. See give/take/reciprocity.

2. A person who supports or champions an activity, cause, or institution, for example: backer, benefactor, friend, patron, sponsor, supporter. Informal angel.

3. A person instrumental in the growth of something, especially in its early stages: builder, creator, developer, pioneer.

About Contributor:

The idea behind Contributor is pretty simple: skateboards for all. Although this seems like a very generous statement, it’s something that we truly believe is possible and within all of our reach.

Today, there are approximately 1.6 million kids living in poverty across Canada. The negative effects of poverty are very significant and limiting for those who are affected by it on a daily basis, but are especially difficult for youth. For these youth things that we take for granted – let’s say, the simple action of going out to play with friends on a skateboard – seem unattainable. Without access to a positive support through a group of peers and healthy alternatives to focus on, these kids can lose their way.

By working with non-profit organizations across Canada, who are dedicated to youth at risk and children in lower-income neighborhoods, we hope to encourage successful outcomes through the addition of skateboarding as a positive reinforcement.

There is so much to be said about how skateboarding can improve lives and build friendships between people who would’ve otherwise been strangers; heck that’s why this organization exists!

Contributor allows all of us to come together and give a new generation of kids that same opportunity.

Using original shaped skate decks as canvas’, artists across the world will put in their two cents in order to be a Contributor of this traveling art show. The “Smile On Your Brother” show, conceived by Mike Giles and Annie Lam and co-curated by Bob Kronbauer of Club Mumble, serves as a fundraiser for the 1.6 million kids living in poverty in Canada. The 50 custom decks, which are to be auctioned off, will raise money into providing 100 skateboards to kids, in hope of giving them some positive encouragement.

Contributing artists include Andrew Pommier, Andy Jenkins, Bob Kronbauer, Parra, Chinatown Soccer Club, Chris Pastras, Cody Hudson, and so on. To see full list of artists check:

…So there’s a little bit of whats going down with the show. It’ll be at the Calgary Livestock Sept. 4th, from 8-11pm.
Don’t sleep on this! The show promises great art, great people, and it’s helping out an even greater cause…How can you lose?!?
See you ALL there.


Interview With LIVESTOCK

Hey all be sure to check the exclusive interview with Garry Bone of Live Stock over at Hollars and Dollars and find out a little about how Live Stock got started and where its going.


NEW Air Max 1’s at Live Stock

The Air Max 1’s OG Red’s and Blue’s just showed up downstairs at Live Stock.  Super limited size run so make sure you get down there and grab them before they sell out.


First in Line

The madness has begun and we have our first 3 dudes in line to secure their pair of Yeezy’s.  They arrived at 10:30am and have a 24 hr camp out session ahead of them.  It’s +4 degrees outside and the forecast is calling for snow tonight.  Hopefully that forecast is wrong for their sake.  Sizes are limited so if you want a pair better get your ass down here and join them in line.


Live Stock Grand Opening

The Live Stock doors will be set to open this Saturday June 6th, so get your lawn chairs out and come sleep in front of our doors.  Not sure if you have checked out the Live Stock blog but 2 dudes at the Toronto location have already started camping out 5 days before the drop of the new colorway of Nike Air Yeezys which will be happening on Saturday.  Crazy.  So if you want a pair you may have to do the same here in Calgary.  Hope to see you all on Saturday, it should be pretty insane.