Month: September, 2011


Our good homie Drew popped by the warehouse a little while back to film some of the team clowning around on our bench and granite ledge. The following is the outcome…Disney tracks are golden

New Supra

As we all know Mu$ka kills, So why not support a brain child of the man himself?…It’s fucking Muska! Dude banged Paris Hilton. 4 new styles of Supra on the floor today.

Crooks and Castles Fall 2011

…I’m pretty sure no write-up in neccesary…new Crooks fall 2011 gear is on the floor now.

Diamond *delivery 1

COME DOWN NOW! I  can’t stress this enough. Got some new hoods, tees, L/S tees, and beanies from Diamond Supply Co, and it’s flying off the shelves faster than we can tag it. It’s hats your looking for? Well to give you an example of how fast this stuff is going, the hats have once again come and gone in the first 15 minutes. Don’t fret however, as delivery 2 will be coming in the next couple weeks with all the new colorways for the snapbacks. Line up now maybe…

Push Sticks…

HI! So we have new boards in from the likes of Roger and The High 5…Whatcha think of that?…It doesn’t matter,but isn’t it nice to feel needed?…Get off the Slap message boards and go skate! Bring all the moneys to us in a fair trade agreement for a new jammer!