Month: May, 2011

Crooks & Castles Summer Delivery 2

Damn, I guess you really Can’t Stop The Crooks. Delivery 2 just showed up and there’s tons of gear just waiting for your hard earned cash. 12 new styles of hats, tons of tanks, v-neck tees, and even some jerseys, for all you hooligans. Come get it now, cause it’s selling fast.


Just cause we’ve moved doesn’t mean we’re gonna stop the tradition. Tomorrow (Sunday May 29 2011) only, 25% off store wide plus more on select items. See you all there champs.



So you like Crooks huh? Well I hope for your sake you’ve been saving your pennies, cause we just got a ton of new Crooks gear in and on the shelves. Hats, Shorts, Tees, button ups. Holy shit! Get down fast, cause you know from experience how dissapointed you all get when we don’t have your favorite tee in a medium. This shit doesn’t sit people!!!

…also, don’t forget that it’s Thursday night, so you all know where you should be…

NEW _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

With or without branding, Freshjive continues to deliver. Fresh in are a few new tees as well as some tank tops, so swing by and get ’em while the weather doesn’t suck…That’s a double dare.


So yo! Every Thursday, our good homies Erwin and GSD put on a crazy good time down at the Bamboo Lounge, playing some of the best rap you’ve ever heard. If you aren’t going down there, checking it out, I don’t know what the fuck you’re doing…seriously. $2.75 hiballs all night? Whaaaaat?!?! Yeah! The poster even has a Based God reference!!! C’mon!!! See you there!!!

Diamond Supply Co.

So yo, we got some more Diamond tees and crews in yesterday…do I really need to tell you this won’t last long?…Okay. This won’t last long here, so come on down a grab it up champs. Here’s a Diamond logo for you to look at as motivation…

Can’t stop the Crooks…

New Crooks tees came in today, so make your way down and spend those hard earned moneys…


Sup yall. So today we have some new Analog gear in. A whole ton of multi tone 3-pack tees (crew and v-neck) as well as some tanks (muti tone 3-pack and pocket) board shorts, and some v-neck pocket tees. Make your way down here soon, cause they’re already flying fast.