Month: April, 2011


I dont think I really need to say much more than if you aren’t here tonight, then you’re seriously blowing it at life. If you came to the last one, you know it’s gonna be a banger. If you decided not to come to the last one, I have no idea what the fuck you were thinking. See you all tonight. CHONG LI! CHONG LI! CHONG LI!


Hey all, so what’s going on tonight?…I’ll tell you what’s going on tonight. It’s the Spring Clean-Up tour with Dj Dopey, Rochester, and Tass Nata, that’s what. So head down to Vicious Circle and peep game and spend those hard earned moneys. It’s gonna be a time and a half!

New Mishka

So while we’re on the subject of new arrivals, we thought you should all know we got some new Mishka in as well. Jackets, tees, crews, hoods, hats, holy shit it’s madness!!! As usual, everything is in limited runs, so come down and grab it, before its all sold out.

New Diamond Supply Co.

Yo, Megan Fox is hot, but she got a big head and now she’s not gonna be in the new Transformers. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is gonna take over the game and get shit done! Whats my point? Well we just got some new Diamond gear in and it features Ms. Huntington-Whitley blowing some smoke diamonds…not rings people! Diamonds. That’s some skillful shit! This is where I could make a Megan Fox joke about her blowing FOR diamonds, but this write ups getting a bit lengthy…Get down here and spend some money!!!


Join us this Saturday along with our good friends from the Hifi Club and Giant 45 for the Hifi Spring Sale.  If you don’t remember, we did this last year and the turn out was insane.  This year, both us and Giant 45 will have even crazier deals so make sure to keep your calender open this Saturday.  Up to 80% off all gear and its for one day only!!!!  Click here for the event page.  See you all there.