Month: December, 2010


For those of you who are last minute NYE planners and still can’t decide where to go tonight, we still have a few tickets left at both Groupseven locations for End It With A Bang at Local 522 tonight with DJ Pump.  How can you go wrong with free BBQ?


All of us here at Group wish everybody a Happy New Year and want to thank everybody for all their support in 2010.  Don’t forget that if you still have a bunch of Xmas money to burn, the 4th St. store is still running our boxing day sale, so head down there and pick up some cheap goods.  For those of you that need the new threads, come down to the 6th St. shop. Be sure to stayed tuned over the next couple of days as we will be doing our staff picks for 2010 like we did last year.  Until then, here is the newest Huf Footwear commercial in case you haven’t seen it.  Happy New Year everyone, I’m sure we will see many of you out and about tonight.



Please join us tomorrow for our 6th Annual Boxing Day sale where the entire store is 40% off!!!!!! This will all be going down at the 4th St. location ONLY.  Don’t bother heading down to the new shop because it won’t be open.  Get there early!!!!!  See you all tomorrow.


So we’d like to say sorry for the lack of posts lately, so yeah…Sorry. Shits been getting crazy around these parts with new arrivals, x-mas, and of course the new shop!!! If you haven’t come down to check it out we’re at 1520 6th. Street SW. We’ve got all the new gear from Huf, Alife, Stussy, and The Hundreds, just to name a few. So what are you waiting for people. See you soon.


Commericial #22 from the Huf Footwear commerical collection.  Don’t forget, we have all the new Huf Footwear at both locations as well as all the new Huf apparel at our new location.  Come down to check out the new shop if you haven’t already done so.

NOW OPEN!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry all for the huge delay, but the new Groupseven is now open!!!!!!  Be sure to head down there to pick up all the new product from Alife, The Hundreds, Huf, Krew, Stussy and RVCA.  Our apologies for this lackluster blog post but we will post pics of the new shop as well as all the new product very very soon.  The address for the new store is 1520 6th ST SW,  across from Western Canada High School.


Sorry about the lack of posts lately, we have just all been so busy here with X-mas around the corner.  If you haven’t come into the store in awhile or haven’t heard through the grapevine, we have huge news for everyone.  If you have come in to the shop lately you probably know what I’m talking about, if you haven’t, then we will keep it a surprise and you’ll have to check back with us tomorrow or the next day to find out what it is.  Nevertheless, we do have tons of new product coming in for the holidays and they will be posted over the next few days.  Only 23 more shopping days left till Christmas so pop by and get your shopping out of the way.  Until then, we will leave you with the newest video from Alexander Spit of The Hundreds….