Month: February, 2010


Butterflies. Puppies. Freshly baked bread. Children of all ages. There isn’t much that Wilson doesn’t dislike. Wilson is the latest in a series of ornery plush characters called the Grumpsters, created by Frank Kozik. This grouch measures 8-inches when sitting, is articulated at the head and arms, has embroidered features and truly does not like you.


Today we received a couple new G-Shocks from their new Green collection.  The Green collection consists of eco-friendly packaging, is made of all recycled materials and is fully solar powered.  Here they are….


We are still keeping busy with all the new spring product coming in and today’s haul brings us a few new pieces from the spring Dissizit collection.  New tees, a couple of new fitteds and a new hoody.  Here you go…


Everyone keep your calender open on March 6th from 12-6 because Groupseven along with our good friends at Live Stock and Giant 45 are having a huge sale down at the HiFi Club.  It will be a one day sale with discounts up to 80% off.  So if you are looking for some cheap gear from the 3 premier shops in Calgary, drop whatever it is your are doing that day and head over to the HiFi.  Cash only.  See you all there!!!!


Alife spring tees are in and once again Alife pulls through with some nice clean simple screens.  We all know how fast the last run of Alife tees sold back before X-mas so come grab them soon cause we got them in limited size runs.  Enjoy…


The wait is finally over and The Hundreds spring ’10 line we have all been waiting for rolled through the doors this morning.  We all know that with The Hundreds comes a big line with a little something for everyone.  Delivery 1 brings us new tees, hats, denim, crew necks, zip hoods, pullover hoods, jackets, flannels, cardigans, belts, wallets and of course their new footwear.  Come down and check it out, you won’t be disappointed.


Be sure to check out The Hundreds blog today where local scenester and Groupseven employee Ryan Coulson is on today’s post.  Coulson submitted some photos a few weeks back to The Hundreds Facebook page and they are featured in today’s blog post on The Hundreds site.  So ladies, you can throw your panties at Coulson now that he is on his way to getting famous.  What’s next for Coulson?  Rumor has it he is attempting to be the newest Jersey Shore cast member.

Can’t Stop, Won’t stop…

That’s right, we’ve got yet another delivery of Crooks and Castles in today. A ton of new tees, cut and sew, hats,  and some solid button ups…By now, you all know the nature of the game, so get down here and consume, cause it never lasts long…


I know many of you have patiently been waiting for all the new Hundreds spring gear to show up.  Delivery 1 of all the new product is set to arrive mid week next week so continue to hang in there as we should see most of the new cut & sew as well as all the new Hundreds footwear.  In the meantime, we still do have the new Crooks & Castles and Kid Robot that came in last week for those of you that haven’t had a chance to check it out yet.  So come in buy it up and save your Hundreds purchases for next weekend.


All right everyone, the Oil Slick Dunny from Kid Robot has been released, come get it.  Only 6 people can have it so hurry down to the shop.