Month: January, 2010


If you haven’t made it down to the shop yet to pick up your case of the new Dunny Fatale series, which we released yesterday, better come down ASAP as we only have 2 of the exclusive Dunny’s left.  As we said yesterday, the first 10 peeps to buy a case gets the bonus exclusive Dunny.  Only 500 of these exclusive colorway KLOR Dunny’s were made worldwide and we are the only shop in Alberta to get these: 


It was a day late (UPS’ fault, not ours) but the new Dunny Fatale series arrived at the shop this morning so come down and grab your box.  We all know how fast the Dunny 2009 Series went so don’t sleep on this series as it will sell out fast as well.  Don’t forget, the first 10 cases to sell gets the exclusive Dunny Fatale figure with it.  See you soon.


Crooks & Castles spring ’10 has just arrived for the ladies so come in and grab it.  Tons of new tees as well as a bunch of new cut & sew in the mix.  Here are the goods:


Just a few Kid Robot tees to get you started for the spring. Expect more Kid Robot gear soon, until then, here is whats come in so far:


I know you have all been waiting over the last few weeks for spring ’10 Crooks to arrive, well it rolled through the doors today so come buy it up cause it won’t last long.  All new tees and cut & sew.  Here’s what it looks like:


With the Olympics hitting Vancouver this year, Calgary has the privilege of hosting this year’s KNOW?SHOW down at the Stampede grounds.  If you are unfamiliar with KNOW?SHOW, it is Canada’s premier lifestyle trade show with all the brands from the Skate/Snow/Streetwear industry coming together to showcase all of their upcoming Fall product.  Of course with KNOW?SHOW comes a ton of parties going down all over the city over the next 3 days. And because the Groupseven/Live Stock boys like to party, you know we are gonna be out and about embarrassing ourselves in front of the many Vancouver peeps who are in town.  Keep on the blog over the next few days as Coulson and myself will be posting tons of pics of what went on over the course of the show.  We will also have some new product coming very soon, I know everyone has waited patiently for it.


Hey all, please take 2 min out of your day and go vote for Calgz Locz on The Berrics today.  Out of over 6700 entries, Calgz Locz made the top 17 and the winner will win a trip down to Cali for a 5 day trip to skate The Berrics.  Groupseven team rider Lyndon Strandquist is part of the crew so show some support for the shop and Calgary skateboarding and go vote!!!!! 


Today will be the last day of our sale so if you still haven’t had a chance to make it down here to pick up some cheap shit, it’s your last chance.  Still a ton of tees, hoodies, button ups, jackets, hats and denims for 50% off.  There is also still a good selection of $50 shoes left so get your  ass down to the shop today cause as of tomorrow everything will be back to normal.


Crooks & Castles comes through with more of their accessories and delivers the new El Presidente watch.  The watch was inspired by the Rolex Presidential Oyster Perpetual and only 125 were made world wide.  It’s Japanese made so you know its not a piece of shit and comes in 2 colors, matte black and silver.  The last Crooks watches that came into the shop went fast so if you can’t make it to Taiwan to pick up a fake Rolex, come grab one of these.


If you didn’t already know or haven’t stopped by yet, we have a $50 shoe sale going down right now on all our fall season shoes.  Tons of Alife’s, Clae’s, Es, Etnies Plus and Hundreds shoes for $50.  If you saw a pair a few weeks ago and didn’t want to pay $160, now is your chance to get them for 50 bucks so come grab them before the sale is over.